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Providing early childhood coaches the tools they need to positively engage, influence and impact teachers, directors, and other leaders in the early childhood environment.


We help you and your team of superheroes thrive!

Mazimize Your Leadership
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The Coaching Alliance

An exclusive and engaging environment that breaks down real coaching topics to help early childhood technical assistants/coaches thrive!

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Group Trainings

In-Person or On-line, our group trainings are customized to address issues, concerns and the professional development needs of your coaches and other team members.

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Individual Coaching

Every person is different and every coach has their own style.  We develop programs to help individual early childhood coaches thrive in their field.

I have attended workshops at several professional development conferences that focused on coaching presented by well-respected and nationally recognized organizations and individuals.  Because of her talented and engaging style, Joy’s sessions stood out from others.  Joy is incredibly adaptable, observant, approachable, and responsive to her audience – an awesome trainer and coach.  

C.H.L. Early Childhood Project, Montana

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Joy Humbarger

Joy’s work centers on her passion for seeing the best in each person, helping each person discover and celebrate their own strengths and the strengths of others, and providing the opportunities and tools to enhance positive growth in oneself and others.

Happy Children

I want to thank you for your enthusiasm, energy, and motivation during this training.  You were a fabulous instructor and you are a natural at what you do.  You made the experience enjoyable while sharing such a wealth of knowledge.  Your name suits you well, you really are a “joy”!  

K. E. Early Childhood Coach, St. Louis, MO

Young Businesswomen

Maximize your Leadership

You are a leader – whether you are an early childhood coach, director, or support organization.  You help early childhood programs see the vision for best practices and discover the path to get there. 
Every day millions of children depend on caregivers and teachers.  You help those educators develop and enhance care-giving practices, enrich curricula, and provide nurturing environments that help children become the best they can be.  

We’re here to help you grow your coaching skills so you can be confident that the support you give programs and individuals will create long-lasting change.

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