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Maximize Your Leadership Services

Change is constant.  Between quality rating initiatives, accreditation, and other quality initiatives, early childhood educators are asked to engage in continuous improvement at a fast pace.  Early childhood coaches play a key role in supporting and guiding these educators. As change agents, they need a knowledge base about effective coaching practices to connect, engage, and create the buy-in of educators for sustained change.  What creates change?  What are the most effective approaches to enhance teaching practice in the early childhood classroom or family child care environment?

Maximize Your Leadership is THE place to get training and coaching that makes a difference for technical assistants and coaches.  Engage, educate, and inspire your coaches with training and support that develops their confidence and processes.  Put your coaches at the pinnacle of best practices in coaching.

Young Women Brainstorming
Group Trainings

Coaching to Success ©
A step-by-step, two-day training that addresses effective coaching techniques designed to build on the strengths, knowledge, and skills of coaches and leaders, fundamentally changing the way they provide support to achieve and sustain quality improvements in care and education. 

The ABCs of Coaching to Success ©
A foundational one-day training designed to create a culture of collaboration and cooperation among coaching staff that is in alignment with the values of the organization to achieve efficiency, effectiveness and a united front in delivering coaching services. 

Whether it’s in-person, or on-line, you’re just a phone call away from the training that will help your coaches thrive!  Here is what we are known for across the globe.
•    The effect of perceptions, how they influence behavior, and what to do about it
•    Tools to meet personal and organizational goals
•    Techniques for creating and building and balancing positive expectations in the current work environment 
•    Methodology to help people develop deep partnering relationship and feel connected, plugged in, excited, and engaged
•    Key factors for thriving during change, breaking through resistance
•    Skills for communicating, collaborating, and contributing as thought leaders
•    Step by step essentials for intense effective coaching
•    How to recognize and capitalize on critical differences in levels of competence 
•    Tools to enhance performance based on current strengths
•    Ways to support teachers to recognize and record growth in children
•    Practical tools to help educators develop problem-solving skills and balancing expectation when faced with daily challenges

Group Trainings

I enrolled in this training because I wanted to be better prepared to have reflective conversations when I am coaching.  It can be difficult to coach someone who is unwilling to make changes.  Now I know what goes into coaching conversations and how to word my questions so they are not leading, and so that they help the coachee make their own decisions.

I loved the opportunity to grow as a coach!  It was just what I needed!

~B. B., UNL Children’s Center, Lincoln, NE

Teacher and Kids in Library
The Coaching Alliance

Our exclusive tribe of growth-minded coaches engage in a safe, open, honest, insightful learning community that every childhood education professional wants to get in on.  No matter your experience level, our Coaching Alliance will inspire you, educate you and provide the tips and tools you need to thrive in your field.  We take on real early childhood topics and break them down so that you can help others better navigate challenges and come out at the head of the class.

Members have access to THREE live calls each month that are practical, actionable, inspirational and filled with entertaining dialogue and discussion.  

Alliance Advantages: 

  • 3 content-filled calls per month

    • One coaching concept discussion

    • Two live coaching calls with deconstruction

    • All three centered around a monthly theme

  • Access to recordings of all the calls

  • Member-only webinar exploring each month’s concept

  • A private Facebook Group to share insight 24/7/365

  • Frequent downloadable resources (good stuff you can actually use)

The Coaching Alliance

I wanted to enhance my coaching skills when I enrolled in this training.  I found myself telling my coachees what they should do instead of asking open-ended questions to get them to come up with their own solutions.  I learned the kind of questions to ask, and how to stop interjecting my own “stories” about what was happening.  What would I tell others about this training?  “It works!”

C.M., Early Childhood Coach, Gering, NE

Woman in White Blouse
Individual Coaching

Great coaches constantly seek to improve their knowledge and skills.  At Maximize Your Leadership, we are passionate about helping you become the best you can be.  We provide mentor coaching to help you build confidence, learn how to work through the unique tough situations you encounter, and ignite passion and purpose in your coachees.   Our unique mentor coaching system will lead you through a process of exploration and self-discovery to release practices that hold you back and embrace skills to boost your effectiveness.  

Individual Coaching

I was having difficulty being able to start coaching conversations and produce results.  After attending this training, I know exactly how to frame questions without offending staff.  This training is everything you need to know to be a better leader while being sensitive.  I learned so much, and it was great knowing that I’m not alone in my challenges.

K. L., Loving Hands of the Heartland, Omaha, NE

Smiling Blond Woman
Emotional Intelligence Assessment and Coaching Debrief

The EQ-i 2.0 model of Emotional Intelligence is comprised of sixteen specifically defined components of your socio-emotional functioning, each of which plays a critical role in your personal and professional effectiveness. Rooted in the extensive physiological and behavioral research, the EQ-i is a tool that enables you to quantify these behaviors, comparing yourself to a selected norm group and showing how your behavior differs from others around you.

Unlike many other assessments made up of right and wrong answers or that seek to measure skill and ability, the EQ-i’s results require interpretation and context. The result is a deep dive into a model and vocabulary for self-awareness that reveals potential strengths and growth opportunities. Whereas IQ and “personality” assessment scores tend to be unchanging, EQ-i results not only can change, but should, with maturity, development, and skill-building.

This assessment offers 16 Elements of the EQ-i 2.0 model of Emotional Intelligence within 5 Sub-Scales:

Self-Perception: Self-Regard, Self-Actualization & Emotional Self-Awareness

Self-Expression: Emotional Expression, Assertiveness & Independence

Interpersonal: Interpersonal Relationships, Empathy & Social Responsibility

Decision Making: Problem Solving, Reality Testing & Impulse Control

Stress Management: Flexibility, Stress Tolerance & Optimism

Happiness: The 16th element in this assessment that is a factor of all 5 Sub-Scales

Understanding one’s own Emotional Intelligence can boost coaching skills exponentially.  Joy is a certified Emotional Intelligence coach and can help you understand your own emotional intelligence or the emotional intelligence of your team.  Joy is also certified to do the EQ-I 360 emotional intelligence assessment to help you become a more powerful leader or coach. 

Emotional Intelligence Assessment
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