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Our Coaches Say It Best

This is refreshing new information – a whole different way of thinking and doing business.  Just by changing a few things you will have more buy-in.

M.P. CEO, Child Care Center, Kansas City, MO

This changed the entire way I looked at my job.  I’m excited again because I see there is a possibility for positive change.  It’s working!  This is going to improve the quality of the teachers and the program.  I definitely feel more capable and I have more tools to work with.  I have a direction for forward movement.

S. M. Child Care Center Director, Kansas City, MO

I really found the systematic approach helpful, including the new way to think about change.  The information will help unravel some of the puzzles I encounter.  This was an equally thought provoking, exhausting and exhilarating training.  There was intentionality in every aspect of it.                                                                                                                  

 M. B. Director Mentor, TMC Workforce Solutions Child Care Services, Austin, TX

I have attended workshops at several professional development conferences that focused on coaching presented by well-respected and nationally recognized organizations and individuals.  Because of her talented and engaging style, Joy’s sessions stood out from others.  I chose to contract with joy to train our QRIS coaches on using an effective and engaging relationship-based coaching method.  Her training provided coaches with the tools needed to develop relationships with individuals and programs, and to support them through the coaching process.  The evaluations were overwhelmingly positive and she was asked to replicate the training in different parts of our state by numerous agencies and organizations.  Joy is incredibly adaptable, observant, approachable, and responsive to her audience – an awesome trainer and coach.  

C.H.L. Early Childhood Project, Montana

This training brought fresh new light to the topic of coaching.  Much was discussed and learned.  Joy has a great perspective, and I really appreciated how she trained!

J. B., Early Head Start/Infant Toddler Initiative, Step Up to Quality, Rooted in Relationships, Nebraska

I wanted to know how to be a better coach, how to actually coach and not consult, even when coachees just want us to fix the problem.  I learned how to approach teachers and directors to help them come up with their own solutions.  This training really helped me see things from the coachee’s perspective.  Everyone and every situation has a story.  Instead of consulting and fixing the problem my way, I now know how to ask question after question using the T-FAR process.                                                                                                                 

S. M., Early Childhood Education Coach and Trainer, Madison, NE

Before becoming an active coach for early childhood programs, I was a director of a child care program.  I sometimes have trouble remembering that I am wearing a “coach’s hat” and that I need to help my client identify their strengths, use them to create attainable goals, and develop problem solving skills rather than just giving instructions on how things should progress.  A respected colleague encouraged me to attend the ABCs of Coaching to Success saying it was a “no nonsense training, filled with common sense coaching strategies.

This training has shown me the importance of learning my head of any personal baggage and/or stories before going to my coaching sessions.  My friend was correct! It was non nonsense and common sense in nature.  Joy is a delight and finds the positive in participant responses.  She is excellent out building competence in her trainees.

Now I understand how to meet the client with a clear head, free of my own stories, so I can look at the situation from the client’s viewpoint, acknowledge the positive, help them problem-solve, allow the solution to be theirs, and follow through with feedback.

I am cautious about participating in on-line training as I find them impersonal.  This training, however, proved that not to be the case.  It was personal, full of valuable information and how to put it into practice.  It was totally enjoyable.  After the first session I found myself looking forward to each of the next three.  The time went by too quickly.  Joy is an amazing trainer, and she brings a lot of energy into the session that got us all involved.

D. M., Early Childhood Coach, Columbus, NE

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